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Jun 26, 2008 at 04:18 AM

Data entry error in SES approval


Hi All,

I am getting the following input format error during entry into service entry sheet.

The client has has the following scenario :-

short text quanntity un gross price

The services entered for consultancy charges 12 months 12000

The customer want to pay vendor for 22 days only of the month. The following error is coming while entering the data for days. Points will be rewarded for suitable solution.

Input must be in the format .__.___.__~,___V

Message no. 00088


Your entry does not match the specified input format.

System Response

The entry in this field was rejected.


The entry must comply with the edit format. The following edit format characters have a special meaning:

u2022 "_" (underscore)

There should be an input character at this point; this should be a number for numeric fields.

u2022 "." (decimal point) (applies to numeric fields)

The decimal point occurs here (setting in the user master record).

u2022 "," (thousands separator) (applies to numeric fields)

This separator occurs (optionally) for more than three figures. Depending on the setting in the user master record, it can be a period or a comma.

u2022 "V" (applies to numeric fields)

The operational sign appears here. If used, it must by at the right margin of the field. The sign is either "-" or " "(space).

u2022 "~" (tilde) (applies to numeric fields)

As of and including this character, leading zeros must also be entered. Otherwise, this character has the same meaning as an underscore. Leading zeros need not be entered on the left of the tilde. They are not output at this position.

All other characters have their normal meanings and must be entered in the same position as in the edit format.

Thanks in advance