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Jun 26, 2008 at 01:57 AM

GR?IR Manual Clearing


Dear expert,

We want to clear of some the GR/IR that has differences, because there will be no subsequent delivery or invoices for this purchasea order.

I run the following steps:

1. Run MR11 : System automatically create a posting that will result in zero balance GR/IR for the purchase order and line item.

Eg: Before I run the MR11:

GR/IR credit balance : -1000 (from goods receipt) PO: 8000005002 Line Item: 10

GR/IR debit balance : 950 (from invoice) PO: 8000005002 Line Item: 10

Since there will be no further invoice for the remaining qty, we need to manually clear the above GR/IR.

I run MR11: system post the following:

Dr Purchase PRice Variance : 50

CR GR/IR : -50 PO: 8000005002 Line Item: 10

Now the GR/IR balance for the PO: 8000005002 Line Item: 10 is net off to zero.

However the status of this GR/IR is still open.

2. Because the status is still open, I run the F.13 automatic clearing. However system didn't clear the above PO: 8000005002 Line Item: 10 GR/IR.

Is there any misssing steps or configuration? How to enable the clearing of GR/IR for above cases?

Thank you very much in advance for your kind assisstance