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Jun 25, 2008 at 07:13 PM

IW31 issue. Getting IW:063 with no text



I'm getting an IW:063 error with no text when I execute IW31 and try to attach a task list that has components

In IW31 I enter an equipment number & hit enter

I enter a text in the description

Then select Extras, Task list selection, General task lists

and put in a task list group number that has operations with components & execute

I select my items in the next 2 popups & get IW:063 in program SAPLCOSD.

Has anyone else run across this error in IW31?

It looks like some kind of account assignment error according to note 575491

But I'm not sure what the note is really trying to tell me.

Do I need an entry in TCOKT for my work order type?