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APO Disaggregation.

Feb 13 at 09:29 AM


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Hi Experts,

I have two data views within the same planning book. One has current month in daily bucket and the next months onwards is weekly bucket. Whereas the other has entire bucket in days.

The problem is when the weekly data is disaggregated to daily bucket. It disaggregates data in all the days of the week, ideally it should disaggregate data to only 6 days of the week.

Current month is in days so that shows correctly. The problem is from the next month when the weekly bucket starts.

Disaggregation settings are as below.

Calculation Type - I

Time Based disaggregation type - I

The KF on the basis of which the disaggregation is performed has the same time stream i.e. current month in days and the next month onwards is weekly bucket.

When I change the time stream of this planning book to entire daily bucket, it is being disaggregated correctly i.e. only to 6 days of a week.

Appreciate your inputs on this.


Darpan Rao

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1 Answer

Ayan Bishnu Feb 21 at 10:45 AM

The best solutions is to create a time stream ID with 6 working days and assign the same.

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