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Importing XI Content to the latest version

Feb 13 at 08:53 AM


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Quick question regarding XI Content Support Packages and Patches.

When updating to the latest version during LCP patching, is it ok to just import the latest version or is it best to import all intervening versions too?



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Mark Smyth
Feb 13 at 10:28 PM

Hi Elizabeth,

LCP is Legal Change Patch, I assume (had to google it!).

I can answer from the PI perspective but not with regards to LCP changes/requirements.

XI Content Support Packages and Patches contain SAP designed configuration objects which you use to build your interfaces. In general, the latest version will contain the most up to date objects and any new legal changes that need to be implemented etc. And in general, there is no requirement to import all intervening versions. But the application team (PY-GB?) would need to communicate the necessary changes and the requirements regarding which contents need to be imported into the ESR.

Note, it is recommended to copy these objects i.e. the specific ones you use to configure your interfaces, into your own custom SWCV/namespace etc and configure your interfaces in this way. SAP may change/remove any of these objects with new patch releases. So, importing a new version could effect your interfaces if you are directly using the objects in the SAP delivered SWCV/namespace.

If the interface is configured in your own SWCV/namespace (using the SAP objects), any subsequent import of updated ESR contents will not effect these objects at all.


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Hi Mark, correct regarding Legal Change Patch.

Thank you for your answer.

It has raised more questions from me.

If I were to save SAP standard config into my own SWCV/namespace - but needed to continue to update it to the latest release, would that work? I had thought it would only update if we kept to SAP standard.

Many thanks