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Jun 25, 2008 at 04:01 PM

Making format changes through Styles in Multiple tab workbook


Hi all,

Let me put out my problem. I created a Multiple tab workbook in BI 7.0 with different workbooks in different tabs. Everything is working fine except the formats. I have two types of tables in my workbooks, a plain table & a table with Hierarchies. I have to apply formating like Bold, Color & Font changes to the tables. For the ordinary table, i did this through Unselecting the option Apply Formating by going to the Navigation pane in Design mode.

For the table with Hierarchies i couldnt follow this option as the number of rows in this case will differ. So, i did the formats by applying different styles to different levels, the style name being SAPBexLevel0, SAPBexLevel1 and so on. But this style gets applied only to the first column. For the other column with values (In my case, the other columns has Amount values) the style name is SAPBexstddata. The problem is, say for Level0 row i want all values to be in the same format & the Level 1 rows to be in different format. When i make the change for the Level0 values through styles, the Level1 value format also changes as both the values have the same style SAPBexstddata. I also tried creating a new style & applying it for the Level1 values but once i refresh the workbook, the Level1 values are displaying the SAPBexstddata style.

So, how do i make this? My Ultimate requirement is I want the Level0 row to be in one format & the Level1 row to be in different format, through whatever option may be. Help me in fixing this.

Thanks for your time.

Any help on this?