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BW-IP: Rounding method of Planning Function "Distribute with Reference Data"

Feb 13 at 01:35 AM


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I am thinking about using BW-IP's Planning Function "Distribute with Reference Data" to make distribution.

In the following thread, it seems that in BW-IP data is processed in a random order.<>

I want to know, is there any setting that can be used to sort the data, or is there anyway to control the behavior of rounding process in BW-IP?

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Bill Xu Feb 21 at 02:48 AM

To anybody who is seeking for an answer about this:

I have questioned the same thing in Online SAP Support.
And luckily they let me have a glance at the code blocks of rounding process of PF's distribution.

Here is my conclusion.

<First of all>
All data is sorted by ascending order of the fields to be changed.

<In rounding process>
1. RESULT is calculated by this formula, "RESULT = amount_tobe_distributed * ( reference_data / sum(reference_data) ) + DIFF"
2. Then, RESULT is rounded to fit the target data type, in my case, I am redistributing currency so RESULT is rounded to 2 decimal places.
3. Lastly DIFF is calculated by this formula, "DIFF = DIFF + amount_tobe_distributed * ( reference_data / sum(reference_data) ) - RESULT_rounded"

Also, as Gregor mentioned, there are many different methods for rounding in PF's distribution.
And also, with PAK, mechanism is difference to classical PF, so rounding method may have differences.


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Gregor Dieckmann
Feb 14 at 08:37 AM


the distribution planning functions round to decimals determined by technical data type (numbers), the currency (amounts) or the unit (quantities). The latter is optional and can be set in the parameterization. The sum of the distributed values has to add up to the value that was distributed, so - because of rounding - there might be a rest and it seems to be your question where to put the rest. There exist many different algorithms with some definitions of a 'fair' distribution of the rest; in the planning function where to put the rest is 'undefined'.



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Hi Gregor,

Do you mean, there is no way to change or configure where to put the rest in the distribution planning function?

And as you said, "rounding is determined by technical data type" and "there exist many different algorithms".
Where can I find documents about these?

Or could you kindly help explain the rounding in the distribution planning functions, especially about currency and unit?

Thank you very much!

Best regards,