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PI/PO 7.5 BPM System Status - In Progress

Feb 12 at 10:07 PM


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We have a BPM which is pushing more than 10000 messages at a time and that is causing an high cpu and other performance issues. Any recommendations or suggestions to improve the performance?

FYI: we have set parameter disasterbrakes=false to allow unlimited processes.

Thanks and Regards,


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2 Answers

Sanjeev Shekhar Singh Feb 13 at 02:51 AM

Hi Prasad,

Definitely not a good idea. Instead SAP suggest just the opposite:

Consider what could happen if this BPM crashes the system because of having consumed all the memory.

Excerpt from SAP doco:


Do not disable the BPM memory thresholds. Even if the thresholds are not properly configured, in most cases, it is still possible to recover the system by increasing the heap size temporarily. But if the thresholds are disabled, the system could be in a state where a recovery is not possible anymore.



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Prasad Dharavath Feb 13 at 04:06 PM

Are there any PI/POor BPM parameters I can adjust to improve the performance?

Thanks and Regards,


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Hi Prasad,

You can check in your BPM System Overview the number of Completed BPM process instances which are filling the BPM database with unneeded information.

If the number is big, you have to conduct archiving & deleting or only deleting (in case you are not interested on keeping the information regarding already completed process instances).

If you are OK with just deleting them, please proceed according to the following note and execute the bpm_delete_only job:
2013359 - NewFeature_Deletion of BPM processes

In case you have to keep the data for some reason, please proceed with archiving. Following are some relevant documentation:

I'm also sending you an SCN document going through the archiving steps:

Kind regards,
Gabriel Cassel
SAP Product Support