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Jun 25, 2008 at 12:49 PM

Unicode vs. Non-Unicode with MI


Hi all,

We are looking at doing an installation of MI. We are currently Non-Unicode on our ERP system, although a Unicode conversion project is not too far away.

According to the document: "How To Design a SAP NetWeaver Based System Landscape" (NW 7.0, ver 1, March 2008) on pg 15, it says:

"It is required that an MI system with AS ABAP has the same Unicode type as the MI back-end system: If your MI back-end system is a Unicode system, also install a Unicode MI system (that is, both AS ABAP and AS Java on Unicode); if your MI back-end system is non-Unicode, install an MI system with non-Unicode AS ABAP (that is, AS Java on Unicode and AS ABAP on non-Unicode).


For new installations, it is recommended to install a Unicode based system for all SAP applications and SAP NetWeaver deployments that require an AS ABAP usage type based system (AS JAVA is only available in Unicode). In future all new installations from SAP will be Unicode only."

This is clearly conflicting...We are an English-only shop, we have a Unicode conversion imminent, and SAP's direction is clearly Unicode.

Should we even consider a Non-Unicode install?