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Jun 25, 2008 at 11:21 AM

Change pointers


Hi Gurus,

Just had some queries:

Once the program ZRBDMIDOC has run the change pointers picked by the program are in processed status. Where exactly this status is maintained. I mean which table has these details ?

Can the program ZRBDMIDOC use already processed change pointers ? If yes, then are the Idocs generated are with errors or they are like the freshly created ones.

Main purpose behind all these questions is that, I have a huge no. of change pointers in the source client which are to be sent to the target client so that 2 clients R/3 and SRM remain in sync and this program ZRBDMIDOC has not run since 1 year.

The table used in the FM, used in this program, has the run date as 23rd May 2007 and I have to move all the change pointers created after this date to SRM.

How to accomplish that ?

Its really urgent.

Please reply,