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READ_TEXT Cuts the line into 2 lines after 69 characters

Feb 14 at 07:17 AM


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Hi Good day,

my query is : when i read the long text using FM : READ_TEXT i get the data to Internal Table and if i look at the data, it cuts line into two lines when it gets to 69 characters and moves to next line.

Please see my screen shots.

Before :


After reading using READ_TEXT:


I want to get the data that i have stored.

Question is : How do i avoid this?

Your help is appreciated.

actual-text.jpg (88.0 kB)
longtext.jpg (125.6 kB)
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2 Answers

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Blesso Joshua Arulraj Feb 14 at 07:29 AM

While creating text object in SE75, there is a line width size option is available.

Increase the line width and try.

se75.png (13.5 kB)
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Thank you but results are same. it still cuts at 60 or 70 characters.long-text-width.jpg


Ok, Try with this function module.


Pass the internal table of READ_TEXT FM.

And pass import parameter as FORMATWIDTH = 132.

Blesso Joshua Arulraj

Thank you, Blesso Joshua Arulraj it works.

srinivas sana Feb 14 at 10:37 AM


after reading using read_text, use tdformat value while displaying the text.

Observer the TDFORMAT value when it is continuous text or new paragraph text and write the code accordingly.

Thanks, Srinivas

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