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Jun 25, 2008 at 09:41 AM

SAP BPC 5.1 Appset Restore - Specify SQL DB File Paths



We are trying to use SAP Server Manager to perform a restore of a SAP BPC appset and are having a problem with specifying where the database files should be restored to, which is preventing us from being able to restore.

In "SAP Server Manager" - "Restore AppSet" we select the folder which contains the appset backup (produced itself by a server manager backup), after we do this, server manager automatically populates the "Webfolder", "FileDB" and "SQL Database" text feilds with the correct values. We then click "Next" (all of the server names are also automatically populated), "Next" and the backup begins.

The file database and webfolders portions of the backup complete but the sql restore portion fails, the error message blames a lack of disk space. Further investigation revealed this is because the restore is attempting to place the sql data and log files on the c: drive of the database server and there is not sufficient space. We have to restore to the D: and E: drives of the server in order to get sufficient space (even if the c: drive were completely empty it still would not have enough space for the restore).

Previously (prior to SP1) we overcame this same issue by modifying the default file locations in SQL server (in Management Studio right click on a server node - "Properties" - "Database Settings" - "Default Database Loctaions"). However it now seems that the SAP restore must be overriding these setting somehow.

We've approached the SAP helpdesk (who are still looking into this) they suggested using the "Use backup files' path on a remote SQL Server" option, to specify where the databse should be restored to [which we think is not the correct use of the field]. Doing this gave the generic error:

"The system cannot resolve the database name. Check that your conection with SQL server exists, or use another version of SQL Server".

I say generic as we always get the above error whenever we try to use a remote (i.e. not on the app server local disks) location from within SAP Server Manager (whether this be by UNC path or mapped drive). To check connectivity to the SQL server, we've opened Management Studio on the app server (under the same security context that we're running SAP Server Manager under) and connected to the SQL Server we're trying to restore to no problem.

Currently then we cannot get our environmemt up and running as we cannot complete a restore for the above reason.

Can any of you think of how we can tell SAP Server Manager or SQL Server where to place the data and log files of a database which is being restored in this fashion?

Many thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.


Environment - 2 server

1 x 64 bit SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition (9.0.3239) database/ssis/olap/file server running on 64 bit Windows Server 2003

1 x 32 bit IIS/App server running on 32 bit Windows Server 2003