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Jun 25, 2008 at 08:34 AM

J2EE failover HA OSS note 1085521 - startup with primary db2 unavailable


We have implemented J2EE HA failover solution according to OSS note 1085521.

We have an SAP system called SXD with primary db2 SXD1 and standy db2 SXDA. If JAVA is running against SXD1 and this Db2 subsystem is stopped/abends, then JAVA switches over to continue running on SXDA. However, if we then cycle the JAVA instance, it does not startup any more until we restart the primary SXD1 Db2 subsystem. Is this the way the design for the JAVA failover works, or do you think we must have an incorrect setting somewhere ?

The ABAP stack of the same SAP system works fine and can be restarted without problems even when the primary Db2 is stopped.