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Webi: Formatting issue with measure and converting dot to comma in variable results



Hi All, I have two questions, I have a bex query connected to webi.

1) I am using a standard Formula from query structure for webi. One of the measure is Var %, in webi its availabe as Var % and Var % Formatted value. I have to use the Var % Formatted value because Var % shows too many decimal places and its non formatable. If I use Formatted value object and try to create a conditional formatting than its giving wrong results. I am not sure why the format condition is not working on directly?

2) Instead I forund a workaround and made a variable for Var % =

=If (IsError([Sales P1]/[Sales P2]*100-100) ;0 ;([Sales P1]/[Sales P2]*100-100))

but the results are showing me values in . instead of , for example 9.40 instead of 9,40. Does anyone knows which formula to apply so that I can get comma instead of dot.

File attached


h76wf.png (75.1 kB)
3o9hc.png (75.8 kB)
hrq7y.png (71.1 kB)
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  • Any solution for this, because for every (var %) i need to create variable in order for the condtional formatting to work .

  • No need to create individual variables.use existing Var % formatted variable to convert in the number type to use in the conditional formatting.

    V Rule=ToNumber(Trim(Replace(Replace([Var % formatted];",";".");"%";""));"#.#")

  • I have the following issue. I have Var % and var % formatted .

    Issue : I can not use (var %) to two decimal places and if I use var % formatted than my conditional formatting is showing wrong colors.

    sh8f2.png (45.3 kB)
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1 Answer

  • Feb 14, 2018 at 12:07 PM

    if you want to use any measure object in the calculation then it's data type should be number.

    For your question to replace dot with comma you can use replace function in webi but after that you will not be abale to do the calculation on the variable.

    Var % =Replace(If (IsError([Sales P1]/[Sales P2]*100-100) ;0 ;([Sales P1]/[Sales P2]*100-100));".";",")

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    • Hi Amit, I will close it. One thing i am still finding an issue:

      Value A is showing as a number in and KPI is showing as a string in webi. The result output is for example:

      [Value A] = 10,000.23 and Tonumber([KPI]) = 12.6 % in webi

      where ever in the BEx (RSRT) shows the opposite way

      Value A = 10.000,23 and KPI = 12,6 %

      Business wants the values to be in European format in dots instead of comma seperated and no decimals for Value A.

      If i change the locale from England to (NL) then the KPI % values show error (#FOUT) while value is good.

      3zgon.png (25.1 kB)