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formula to check a measure for each month in report

Feb 13 at 03:33 PM


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I am required to make a webi formula that checks if a specific measure (from another formula) is = 0 , in the scope of each month. The problem is that the months itself is not a database column but another formula based on a date field in the database.

The report shows results per month and the table will then be conditionally formatted to hide a specific month if this formula is anything else than 0.

I have tried all kinds of variations like [measure] In([month]) to make this check for every month displayed. Can you give me any hints on how to make a formula that checks this measure for every month shown in the report?



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Can you please share the screenshot of data and expected result.


Hello, i can only illustrate what i´m looking for with something like this.

The measure shows 0 for month: Jan + Feb so these months will show.

The measure shows 43 for March, marked red, and thus will be hidden/ not printed in the table.


illustrate.jpg (57.6 kB)
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1 Answer

Feb 13 at 04:32 PM

Create Dimension variable for measure values.

V Measure=[Measure]

Show/Hide=If([V Measure]>0) Then "Hide" Else [Month]

Apply filter on Show/Hide variable where not equal to Hide to exclude months where values are greater than 0

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Hello and thank you for replying. However the question was on how to do the formula; that make a check if a measure is 0 or not for every month (that is not a databse field itself but a formula based on a date field).

I can make these two Formulas work together in a table, telling me the measure value in every month, but how to do the same in a formula (to use in the condition that you made example of) ?

Best regards



Sorry Axel but still your requirement is not clear to me.I am bit confused.

It will be good if you explain with example.If you can not share report screenshot then replicate in excel and explain with number of objects and expectation.