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Issues with characters missing in serial numbers in EQUI table in ERP6 ehp7 system.


we have problem with serial numbers (SERNR column) in table EQUI on one of the ERP system. For some of the serial number we see missing characters and this is random. Even functional was not able to figure out pattern in which it is occurring. Everyone is clueless. The problem occurs only on production.

We didn't have a solution to the problem from SAP upon OSS since they mentioned that it is occurred due to custom program and not standard program.

We need to know if somehow we can determine the changes to the table EQUI, we have table logging activated (from Table Technical Settings) but someone can help me how do we use it? and will it help

Also there are lots of programs which we see using this table (from Where used-list) and can we determine the z-programs from this?

Also is there any other possibility from system administrator can check with regards to the issue?


Regards, Trev

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  • You can use code scanning program to find when the table updated. Google "ABAP code scan"

    I'm curious though - if SAP Support is saying this is because of a custom program then how did they arrive at such conclusion? Or are they simply placing a blame on a custom program because they don't know either why this is happening? What's their train of thought on this?

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3 Answers

  • Feb 13 at 01:56 PM

    In the regular Equipment transaction : See Menu "Extras" > "Display Changes" ...

    Another way is through program "RSSCD100" and set the right Input for the Changes for a Single Equipment :

    See the "EQUI" Class and TableName ...

    You could also use a Custom Development around FM "CHANGEDOCUMENT_READ_RANGES" so you can use Multiple Equipments as Input ...

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  • Feb 13 at 10:57 PM

    What does "missing characters" actually mean? Can you show a screenshot from the table and circle where the characters are missing and tell which characters you actually miss?

    Assuming that you really mean characters then I could imagine that you were told that this is based on custom logic since serial numbers are usually numeric. Hence it must have been caused by faulty code in a user exit, probably the one mentioned here:

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    • In addition to Jürgen, you could avoid this by making use of the UserExit (PM-module) or Possibly it's Utilities counterpart (when using IS-U). See my answer in another post : link

  • Feb 16 at 08:06 AM


    You activated the log in technical settings, did you check with basis if parameter rec/client is set for your client.

    Use transaction SCU3 to browse the collected data. But keep in mind that the program which updated the table may not be the 'guilty' one, it should usually be the main program of an update FM.


    If you didn't use some 'wild' code which change serial number out of standard (open/native sql statements) you can also browse change documents related to serial number (because change doc box is checked in data element GERNR)

    So use menu/report described by Nic Teunckens for objects EQUI and SERNR.


    Look at customer exits like EXIT_SAPLIE01_005 or EXIT_SAPLIPW1_001.

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