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Webi: Arrow Ikon codes for condtional formatting in formula editor

Feb 13 at 10:58 AM


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Hello experts,

Can you please share the codes to create trend ikons (Upwards, downwards, Sidewards, North east, South West) in conditonal formatting in webi.

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2 Answers

nitin Sood Feb 13 at 11:33 AM

Thanks Amit,

I am not able to verify this in conditional formatting editor, can you pleaselet me know what is the right code:

cwqx2.png (28.2 kB)
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Feb 13 at 11:04 AM

check attached link for HTML codes.Place in the cell and select the display setting read content as "HTML"

other option you have to place the trend icons images in the server image folder and use stored images in conditional formatting.

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Hi Amit, how should i use this html code in formatting formula editor. When i use its now working. Can you please give me one example for Northeast arrow with html code ↗


is it working or not?


Its not working.


check attached screenshot.It will not work in Applet mode /rich your changes and publish the report.if you open the same report in HTML mode then it will display the images.

untitled.png (22.0 kB)

Hi Amit, Great solution as it works in html but the users want something in bold. I tried to search but couldnt find HTML codes for heavy arrows for downdirection.

Second thing, do you think you are aware of some applet codes such as : = CHAR(9660 ) – DOWN ARROW, CHAR(9650 ) – UP ARROW but i can not find NE, NW, side arrows.


no very sure about the ascii codes for can increase the Text size/Bold in the text section in rule.

untitled.png (2.6 kB)