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Lumira Designer 2.1: Share composites among multiple documents

Feb 13 at 10:52 AM


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Hi experts,

I'm trying to reuse a composite among multiple Lumira documents. The reference works great locally, but when I try to upload the documents to the Bi platform, I get the following error:

"The document uses composites from the following documents:


Only self-contained documents can be uploaded."

I understand the error but it kinda defeats the purpose of a composite.

I can only see 2 workarounds, both of them being faulty:

- Copy / Paste my composite from the other document to the current one: This duplicates my composite, hence double maintenance

- Put all my applications in one Lumira document: The issue is, I can only access one application from the BO Launchpad (the defaut one)

Anybody found a solution to this problem?

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Tammy Powlas
Feb 13 at 11:02 AM

Hello Francois - as this blog says "Composites are available for usage only in the SAP Lumira Documents mode (A new preferred Start mode). A document can contain several composites. But a composite cannot be part of another composite."

Working locally doesn't sound like you are creating the composites in document mode; perhaps try that?

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Hi Tammy, yes, I am using the "SAP Lumira Documents" mode, I wouldn't be able to create composites at all otherwise. In the new "SAP Lumira Documents" mode, you can work both locally and online at the same time.


I'm sorry I didn't answer completely - I would start creating the composites on the BI platform.

In 2.x the uploading/downloading of applications does not work as before in the 1.x versions

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It seems to work that way indeed. But I had to remove all my composites from my applications, upload them, and then recreate the composites on the BI platofrom and re-insert them into my applications. I guess it would be better never to create applications locally, except for prototyping.


Yes, Francois, you have it. That's what I recall from the training sessions for Lumira 2.x