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Jun 25, 2008 at 04:42 AM

pp product quantity report problem


Hello,everyone,I know little about pp,and at the begining ,I wrote a report about pp quantity,relatived table afpo and afko. the date is confirmed date afpo-ltrmi,quantity is delivered quantity field:wemng,

select language is :

SELECT aufnr matnr charg wemng ltrmi


FROM afpo

WHERE matnr IN matnr

AND ltrmi IN r_date1

and WEMNG <> ''.

I also use the afko-fevor to store the stock of the goods,so use two tables.

and the majority data of the report is right, but just one material ,the user said this one material has no production of year 2008.

I checked to find :there are two orders of this material belong to last year,and they finished it last year ,but forget to do one action:co02- -- receipt-----delivery completed,so they do this action 2008.05.30,and the date:afpo-ltrmi is 2008.05.30,and the afpo-ltrmi is not the report has data.

I don't know how to correct the report.I just know these two tables ,not knowing much about pp.who can give me a solution?I will very appreciate.