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Jun 25, 2008 at 12:40 AM

Release of ESS package overwirte previously modified PCD FPM setting


I have modified the standard ESS Leave Request Web Dynpro application.

In the modified version, we need to change some of the navigation paths and roadmaps, in addition to changing some of the codes.

To change the FPM navigation and roadmaps, I used the FPM Application Editor in the production EP.

Now, with a change request, we have changed some codes and proceeded to release the ESS package via NWDI into the production EP.

However, this transport somehow overwritten the modified FPM settings in the EP and it reverted to the original.

Is there any way to retain the modified version of the FPM settings when we transport the ESS package via NWDI?

PS: The path to the FPM Application Editor is:

Self Service Administrator>Portal Content>Content Provided by SAP>srvconfig>>Leave Request>FPM Applications<Leave Request: Employee