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Jun 25, 2008 at 12:55 AM

Schedule Ageement Capacity in Heuristic


I have read in help that I should be able to get the SNP Heuristic to take into account the capacity on a schedule agreement but I canu2019t seem to get it to work. I can run the heuristic in the background in 9ASNP94 with Location Product SA Capacity checked and using 9ASA_BATCH for the capacity check, but there is no change from the unconstrained run.

Am I using the wrong books or something? What should my selection criteria be? Any help is appreciated.

I have also tried running the heuristic in the background using the 9ASA book but it gives an error if I use a product as my selection and says that u201CNo valid selection has been chosenu201D when I try to run by schedule agreement.