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Jun 24, 2008 at 11:03 PM

Business One 2


Hi All,

These are same questions from this thread

Business One

but now I separated into two parts. I can't answer correctly and need your advice since I am still a new bie in this product:

6. Is the Sales Modul integrated with the Shipment Modul?

7. Is There a limit to the Sales Organization Structure under Business One? If so, How Many?

( Note: Sales Organization referred to their covers sales organization nasional, regional, by are, etc)

8. Would the system be able to do automatic allocation of inventories to customers as in the case of orders by countrier A to D say to talling 2000 crt but the actual stock on hand is only 500 crt? Please explain how the allocation is done)

9. Say we have our factory organization under a SAP create legal entity with that say our own separate distribution legal entity, is it possible to book and process sales by the distributor order on inventories still hold by the factory despite the fact that Interco sales between the Factory and our distributor has not yet taken place.

10. Is it a must under Business one to have a periodic closing say daily, monthly? What module is Business One that has a mondatory periodic clossing? What is the frequency monthly?

I really appreciate your help. Thanks in advance.