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Jun 24, 2008 at 07:42 PM

How to fill time-dependent Attr of a Char other then thru masterdata loadin


Actually my requirement is I need to add the new time-dependent attribute to a characteristic, and I want it to be populated while transactional data loading into cube. Would to be possible? Please give the solution if it is possible.

The scenario is like..

Matgroup is a time-dependent attribute to Material. MatGroup is included in material dimension of cube C01. Cube C01 is loading with transactional data, which has both fields, Material and MatGroup, with the option of generate master date.

As a result..

Material SID table (S table) - Get Updated

MatGroup SID table (S table) - Get Updated

Now the question is whether material master tables (Q & Y tables) contains the new Material - MatGroup relationships with their validity time interval or not. i.e. are attributes of master data tables (Q & Y tables) updated?