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Jun 24, 2008 at 03:11 PM

Mass updating contract conditions - BAPI error


Due to issues outstanding from data conversions around startup, our Professional Services group is having to manually go into t-code VA42 and update certain conditions before creating their renewal contracts. To reduce the amount of manual effort being required (there are sometimes several hundred documents to update in a given day), we were trying to come up with a mass update to our existing contracts that would zero out amounts on 2 conditions ZMDR and ZCP1.

We were trying to incorporate the BAPI_CUSTOMERCONTRACT_CHANGE function into a custom ABAP program that they may use. A BDC program was ruled out early due to the variability of the data on the Item conditions tab. It appeared that functionality added with this BAPI in 4.7 (OSS note 593246) would give us the desired results since it did provide the ability now to update conditions.

The problem we are having from a Development perspective is that there is underlying code within the BAPI routines that prohibit updates on conditions that have a KNTYP category of 'L' (Generally new when copying). This category value is set for each condition in config and stored in table T685A. According to our SD consultants, it is not advisable to alter the config and change the category to a different value than 'L'. However, we know from Sandbox tests that the BAPI does work to update the condition values if the category is a different value ('Z' for example).

How can we perform mass update condition values on

contracts if the BAPI will not allow the category L involved on these? The category codes allowed can be found in constant

kntyp_supported_by_bapi in module LV61_BAPITOP. We would prefer not to make a repair to this SAP code to include the type 'L', but also do not want to run the risk of breaking pricing determination functionality on the conditions involved by changing the category in the config.

Please advise if you have suggestions. Thanks... Jody