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Jun 24, 2008 at 12:30 PM

Collecting IDOCs based on the message type



I have a requirement which is given below.

A Payment transaction is done in R/3 system and the data is sent to the legacy system via XI .

Example,if there are 5 IDOCs need to be generated to complete one payment transaction,then 5 IDOCs will be

generated ( Message Type: PAYEXT;IDOC Type: PEXR2002).Once all these 5 IDOCs are generated,

one IDOC ( Message Type:EUPEXR;IDOC Type:IDCREF01 )will be generated automatically at the last which will contain the information about only the 5 IDOC Numbers which was generated before.

Now my requirement is I need to check till the EUPEXR IDOC generation for every payment transaction and I need to collect all the generated 5 IDOC data information and send it as a single file to the Legacy system without using BPM.

Please provide your inputs.