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Jun 24, 2008 at 11:27 AM

Delivery Receipt in SOST



I'm currently having some problems with confirmation receipts in SAP Connect. I can send e-mails just find, but although SAP Connect is configured to expect receipts it's getting none.

My scenario is this:

- User A has exchange address userA(at) I configured in SU01 this address as its user address.

- User A sends a mail using CL_BCS, to userB who has address userB(at)

- SAP must receive delivery (not read) receipt.

E-mails are reaching userB outlook inbox, but the delivery confirmation isn't reaching SAP. So my questions are:

- Is this scenario possible at all? I think so, but I really need confirmation.

- If so, do the Exchange people need to configure a rule to forwards replies to user A to the SAP SMTP port?

I don't need to receive inbound e-mails, just delivery confirmations.