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Jun 24, 2008 at 11:04 AM

GR IR imbalance



I have a PO for which tan invoice was posted before the GR as done. I know that when an invoice exist then the average price of invoice will be taken when the GR price is calculated.

I am having a scenario where I have purchase order history as attached.

Short Text Movement Type Posting Date Quantity Order Unit Amount in LC currency

GR 122 2008-06-24 -60000 EA -60000 TWD

GR 101 2008-06-18 60000 EA 67499 TWD

IR-L 2008-06-13 -1 EA -7500 TWD

IR-L 2008-06-13 1 EA 7500 TWD

Now there is a GR IR imbance of 7499 TWD. Why GR price was calculatres as 67499 when the invoice was reveresed

Thanks in advance,