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Tools Rental process integration with FI

Feb 12 at 08:34 AM


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We Rent Tools to Customers for which we charge Bill based on the usage days. These tools are treated as Assets & Depreciation are calculated and posted. These are happening in a Third party tool. Business wants to do the process in SAP through Contracts. How can we achieve this.

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Jürgen L Feb 12 at 02:14 PM

This is much too less information to discuss a transition from a third party tool into the SAP world.

What are all the requirements which need to be covered?

What could the third-party application do and what couldn't it do? (which probably was a trigger to bring this into SAP)

Why is the business able to request the use of SAP contract functionality for this? (Do they know SAP better than the consultant?)

What was already proposed and denied?

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Thanks Jurgen for your prompt response. We Rent Tools to Customers for which we charge based on days usage . These Tools are treated as Assets and there is no COGS. Depreciation are posted for the assets..

* Security deposit will be received ( considered as down payment)

* Create Service contract document type MV (copy of MV). ( equipment has been assigned in Contract)

* Create Consignment Fill up order (wrt contract) for Outbound Delivery process and Proforma billing.

* Similarly Return order during tool return, Return delivery and Final billing (Invoice based on Contract) adjusted to Security deposit.

How can we integrate an asset instead of equipment in Service contract document for FI and what would be accounting treatment for depreciation on the assets ?

Have you tried to search for answers on Google? Google -> "rent equipment" -> 4970 results.