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Unable to see the Content of the thread

Feb 12 at 06:07 AM


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Dear Jurgen

While checking my Followed activities from my ID-i am going to

Goods and Services Tax (GST India)

here i found the thread-

but while clicking on this thread -i am getting the following error like-permission denied like below...Pl help.

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Jürgen L
Feb 12 at 06:27 AM

The numbers in the URL are not consistent.

the first URL is the question, the second URL is an answer

I assume that the answer was either deleted by the OP himself or moderated or went for technical reasons into Nirwana.

From where exactly did you pull the second URL, you can't get it from within the page of the first URL?

Can you post a screenshot from your followed Activities, eventually we can see something from the wording

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Phanikumar Valiveti Feb 12 at 10:40 AM

Pl find--the second URL i copied like below..

ss1.png (120.0 kB)
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I get the same message from the second URL. But the question was how did you get to this URL or to the question URL.

To investigate the issue it is important to know how it is shown in your activities.

For example there is a known issue if a moderator rearranged content, converts an answer to a comment and vica versa, in those cases the links will not work currently as they are pointing to the old URL instead of the new URL.

The preview of the answer from the activities itself could be used to check if this answer is still in the discussion visible or not.

If wording above the activity is like "user is following" then it might be that the user answer is still in pre-moderation

So a screenshot would really be needed for further investigation.


This happens when answer no longer exists. As Juergen correctly noted, it could've been deleted (by the author or moderators) or converted into a comment. I run into this sometimes in the notifications - the content is gone before I get a chance to open it. You can still access the whole question thread by using the question link (the first one).