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BPC Reclass

Feb 12 at 01:51 AM


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Hello friends,

bpc 10.1 on hana

One of the BPC model has Material information in it. We have a flat hierarchy for materials, where all the materials (around 3k) roll to one single top most parent.There is no hierarchy for materials in our current ECC system

There is a change in the business and ECC, decided to go with a whole new suit of material codes. In this process the existing material numbers with get a new material code.

But ECC doesn't plan to restate the old data sitting in ECC-GL tables. This new code would be in effect for the new transactions only. However in BPC few users run their reports based on the materials. Now we have an old material number and a new material code for essentially the same material. (We have a one-one mapping table for new and old codes)

Is it advisable to create a node which combines the old material number and new material code and ask users to report on newly created nodes? But we would end up creating 3k nodes.

Or should we modify the transaction data for material number sitting in the BPC cube to the new material code. ( by script logic or by badi or any other feasible ways) We have more than 3 years of data sitting in the models.

Is there any other way to restate the data in the BPC models

Thanks for your time


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3 Answers

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Vadim Kalinin Feb 12 at 06:02 AM

Create a property in material dimension for a new code and fill it. Then using simple script logic reclacc.




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Lucas Costa Feb 12 at 11:57 PM

I'd recommend reclass and then deleting old materials. Otherwise reporting could get a bit messy with two materials representing the same thing, not to mention the dimension with extra 3 k materials that won't be used.

I'd also keep the old material number as a property in the new ones just in case.

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Edward Masarri Feb 13 at 03:48 PM

Thanks Vadim and Lucas for your insights.

I will look into the steps for transaction data reclass instead of master data hierarchy.

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