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AXIS Sender Channel URL with username password

Feb 14 at 10:11 AM


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Hi Sirs and Mams,

I have a requirement wherein I need to put the username and password in the URL calling to SAP PI. We're using AXIS since the caller has SOAP 1.2. Also, we're using Web Dispatcher. So the flow is like, Sender - WD - PI - SAP System.

We're using this URL via SOAPUI:

https://hostname:port/XIAxisAdapter/MessageServlet? channel=:DEV_XXX:AXIS_XXX_Sender&;j_username=XXX&;j_password=XXX

But we're getting this error though: Login failed

But when we put the username and password in the SOAPUI Auth fields, then remove the username and password in the URL, the message goes through.

We also tried using &sap-user=XXX&sap-password=XXX but we had the same error.

Is there a way to include both the username and password in the URL for AXIS sender?

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1 Answer

Andrzej Filusz Feb 14 at 05:13 PM


I think this method works in case of HTTP and SOAP adapters. I'm not sure if it works with Axis adapter. Anyway, could you please remove semicolons from your URL (you should use: ...&j_username=XXX&j_password=XXX)? If it doesn't help then you can try to write your login handler (please check the following note: 1039369 - FAQ XI Axis Adapter, questions: 32, 33).

Best Regards,

Andrzej Filusz

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Thanks Andrzej. I removed the semicolons already. I got the same error.

We cannot proceed with the login handler option since the sender system CANNOT implement any changes on their end. We cannot add the login credentials in any part of the header or schema.

I read from a blog from Mark Angelo Dihiansan that we can use SOAP Sender channel for 1.2 posts:

SOAP 1.2 Sender

 The sender will POST to this URL http(s)://host:port/XISOAPAdapter/MessageServlet?channel=p:s:c

Where p = party, s = service and c = communication channel

 A sender communication channel with the Do Not Use SOAP Envelope option should be used and a sender agreement is required

 Use Java Mapping/XSLT to remove the SOAP 1.2 Envelope

If I have a pass through synchronous scenario (no mapping involved) only wherein the whole SOAP envelope will be sent to the receiver, is the Java mapping/ XSLT still required?