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How to get inventory balance for current and previous month in the same report view

Feb 14 at 09:52 AM


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図1.pngDear experts,

Hello, thank you for your attention to my question.

I would like to show inventory balance at the end of last month and current inventory balance (as each field) in the same report view with ByD.

I make a report by using a data source : FININVU01.

I guess it needs to restrict a key figure : Valuation Quantity by posting date like ”Before the previous month" for inventory balance at the end of last month.

But as far as I checked, there is no relative selects for "Before the previous month" ( "Date that is less than or equal today" exists though ), so I'm wondering that there is no option except to input date by selecting the end of last month from calendar to Posting date in selections tab by customer.

Is there any way to show inventory balance at the end of last month and current inventory balance in the same report view??


Pleas look at the second pic that is report image of what I want. sorry if it's not easy to get my question! I'm just a beginner with ByD x(

Thank you!


図1.png (165.4 kB)
図1.png (81.5 kB)
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Dear Kyoko,

Can you please also attach a snapshot in English for more experts to get the question?



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Dear Eda,

As I just added a very simple image of what I want, please check it if you like.


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Marlon Grawer
Feb 15 at 01:28 PM

Hello Kyoko,

I understand your requirement, and I believe this would be achieved by having two specific key figures, one showing the Last Month value, and the other showing the Current Valye. By looking further into the data source [FININVU01], though, it don't seem to contain any standard key figure that would separate the values from Last Month and Current Month.

Looking further, I found there is a report called "Trial Balance - Two Years", which is based on a different data source [FINGLAU01] that might achieve this business requirement. The ID of the report is [FINGLAU01_Q0003].

You may want to explore this report to see if it suits your need. In case it does not, you may then need to create a custom solution to achieve this requirement, such as a Joined data source or even Custom Key Figures. In this case, your Implementation Partner may be a good channel to approach for further guidance.
Alternatively, you can also approach our SAP Service Center at to check on whether a custom solution could be developed to achieve this requirement.

Hope it helps.

Marlon Gräwer

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