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Jun 24, 2008 at 07:21 AM

Call transaction from RFC?


Hi Experts,

I need to call Different transactions from a RFC.

I am looking for different approaches to achieve this.

One Idea is RFC will take input parameters as

-Transaction name

-Field names to be updated with its values (as a table)

Now in RFC, it should be able to update this transactionu2019s fields with the values provided in table parameter.

RFC will fill up the BDC table with the needed data, and will call the needed transaction to update the data.

Once the execution is complete, RFC will send back the different messages (error, info, and warning) through Table parameter.

Now, I do not have much of ABAP experience so I need your help in following

1) Should I use BDC recording in RFC?

2) Can BDC send back all the messages encountered while calling the transaction?

3) Is there any other way to approach this requirement?

Thank you in advance.


Ashish Shah