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Jun 24, 2008 at 07:01 AM

Carry over residual budget (FMMPCOVR) - accumulate budget per fin.positon.


We usually transfer the budget from year to year with our own program based on BAPI_0050_CREATE. The budgeting is usually based on just one root fin.pos , say GIVEOUTBUDGET.

In some cases the budget was distributed one step lower : sow for FEES, TRAVEL, MATHERIAL...

I was trying to use the standard TA FMMPCOVR.

This transaction transfer the whole amount of budget per fin. pos ➕ in the next year and books down all bills amounts per lowest fin.pos. bookable (-). So it looks very strange, because the budget issue has to many positions. Even if I create a derivation , which points all lowest bookable positons to their roots (12345>>FEES, 12346>>FEES, etc. ) the transaction creates many lines with a fin. pos. FEES. I would like a cumulative booking per roots fin. pos.

2007 2008

budget FEES 10000 budget FEES 10000

bill 12345 2000 budget FEES -2000

bill 12346 1000 budget FEES -1000


7000 7000

Did smbd. solve this problem ?

Kind regards