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HANA compression ratio


We would like to know if there are any standard compression ratio of SAP HANA.

We have a requirement to analyze how much compression if data is migrated from

oracle -- HANA



We got this standard formula from blog RAM = Source data foot print *2/7 * C.

Can you guide us if this formula is applicable for all databases?

Thanks and Regards

Sampath R

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1 Answer

  • Feb 18, 2018 at 04:56 PM

    Hi Sampath,

    there is no general answer to your question, because every compression and its algorithm are working different. The effecitvity depends also on the distinct values of the affected tables. So helpful which systems you want to analyze: BS (OLTP) or BW (OLAP).

    • Oracle uses the advanced compression on 8K or 16K block level
    • Sybase and MSSQL are using a compression on row or page level
    • HANA is using also different methods (details: 2112604 - FAQ: SAP HANA Compression) depending on the individual column data.

    At the end you will get different results for each DB you will analyze. So there is no exact answer, just a rule of thumb with a average compression ratio which is in my opinion not really helpful. But also for using this rule of thumb you have to tell us, if the source systems are compressed or not.

    If you know the source systems DB size with its current data compression, just execute the HANA sizing report and you can compare the results.



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    • Hi Jens,

      Thanks for your reply.

      I have verified few blogs and notes to find out on how to check if a database/tables are compressed but i couldn't got clear idea on this.

      Can you please help me ,how to check if a database(oracle/mssql/..)/Tables are compressed? If yes how to check how much ratio it is compressed?

      Thank you..

      Thanks and Regards

      Sampath R.