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Mega menu died

Since Monday I have trouble with the menu in

The issue is only at my workplace, from home it is working as usual.

I can only click the links that are directly visible in the black menu here on top. The mega menu that usually appears when moving the mouse over does not come up.

I have the issue in Chrome as well as in Internet Explorer.

Actually I suspect it has somehow to do with our poor network performance.

Anybody else noticed this behavior too?

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  • In the past a member reported differences between the content of the mega menu.

    From the screenshots of the bug report we can see that in one of the cases the page was with a country selector, in the other - without one.

    This leads me to believe that there have been at least two separate menu versions (possibly with different code). If things have not changed since then - maybe this could explain why you experience different behavior for the menu on different pages.

    Today I had some problems displaying the menu in Google Chrome and Firefox - even the items in your first screenshot did not load, which I fixed by clearing cookies. You did not mention whether you use the same device at home and at work and if you tried clearing browsing data...

  • I cleared the cache and cookies but this did not change anything.

  • I fully support the decision that this was not categorized as [Bug]

    Maybe we should report one that it's still there for some of us?

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