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Feb 13 at 06:58 PM


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We have a customer that currently uses SAP GUI and is transitioning to SAP HANA within the next year.

We are in the beginning stages of developing an application for them that will interact with RFID hardware.

There seems to be many different resources available, but I am a little overwhelmed on where to start...Is there an SAP GUI API that I can use to access their database? Is interacting with GUI completely different than interacting with HANA? Is developing for one then transitioning the development to the other a bad idea?

Thank you!

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1 Answer

Florian Pfeffer
Feb 13 at 07:13 PM

In think to give you some hints regarding your question some more details are necessary to fully understand what you wanna do.

What type of application you wanna implement? Really an "old-school" SAP GUI application (using Dynpros?) on a NW stack which has a HANA db in the background? Or are you planning to implement an application using the ABAP Programming Model for SAP Fiori. Or do you wanna implement a native HANA application using XS Advanced?

Only if you wanna really develop a dynpro based application (which is of course not recommended anymore), SAP GUI is relevant for you.

For the other options it is not necessary, cause the development tools are Eclipse based (in case of the ABAP development tools) and/or the SAP Web IDE (Full Stack or for HANA) is used. Maybe also the SAP Business Client as client tool if you wanna use old school applications side by side with the new applications which frontend is HTML5 based.


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Florian Pfeffer Hi Florian!

Thanks for the response. Here's some more detail:

Basically, I have a web-app centered around RFID that I've created that I'd like to user to interact with. While the user is interacting with my web app, I'd like the system to make GET/POST requests to their relevant SAP database (specifically regarding order information details and order notes)...I hope their is an API in some form to accomplish this.

Basically, from my standpoint, the only thing I'd need access to is the database...The user will enter in the order number in our interface, the system will pull the info, then will post information about that order back to the database once RFID tags have been read/processed.

I assume this will bring more questions for you, so please fire away.

Thank you.


You can create your own REST interface on the HANA DB (using e.g. an OData Service) with XS Advanced (or XS Classic, but you should go with XS Advanced). A simple look into the developer guide in the official HANA documentation would answer that basic question.


PS: Why the title of that question contains "SAP GUI" is still a mystery for me. And is completley missleading compared to that what you really wanna do.


Florian Pfeffer

My apologies, Florian, about the post title. I was not trying to be misleading. This is my first time using the interface - I had attempted to tag both GUI and Hana.

I was told by my customer that the current product they are using is called SAP GUI. Now I'm not familiar with SAP, is that not a correct product name? If not, that's incredibly useful information and I'll need to find out what they ARE using.

Reason I'm trying to find out is I am attempting to determine if I can build a type of REST client into their current product, then transition to a REST client into SAP Hana once they transition, OR if I should wait until the transition is completed to even attempt the REST client.

Thank you for your help, Florian, I really do appreciate any guidance.

I will reference the docs as you suggest.