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Error 67_payments 016

Feb 13 at 05:09 PM


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Dear guru's,

I have a question concerning the integration between electronic bank statement and loans management.

Currently I'm trying to process automatically a refused direct debit into the system. So I have setup in Finance (bank accounting), the posting area 02, to status 09, and reversal reason 01, so that the posted document can be reversed.

In loans management, I have defined this posting rule as the one which should be used as the one for refused direct debits.

Via a BADI I'm for the moment enriching/restricting the data, so that the business partner (in my case a customer), we are granting loans.

We are passing the Business transaction events (or function modules) 2810 and 2820 so we are "within loans management".

In the FEBEP table : the fields B2APP equals TR-LO and the field B2STD equals X

However the system is not able to reverse the direct debit document. We just generate it via the classic payment program F110. although I'm specifying for the moment manually in the BADI : the BELNR and business partner/customer.

The system is referring to the flow type 4505. However the account determination for this flow type have been maintained via FNZA.

There are 2 things:

- first of all, I found it strange that the system makes reference to this flow. From conceptual point of view I just want to reverse a posting. However the system considers it is as an incoming payment => ?? not very logic.

- if this is the way how you set it up, did somebody encounter already the same issue, If so how did you resolved this?

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1 Answer

Michael Goessler
Mar 29 at 06:27 AM


when CML "takes" the statement for processing there are only 2 options.

1. Incoming payment

2. Returned debit

You're within returned debit processing ? If system is able to identify the clearing that is refused it should work, result should be the reversal of the IP). If it does not work i would recommend to open a message with an example.

Kind regards,


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