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SAP Integration

Oct 26, 2016 at 05:58 AM


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Dear ABAP Experts,

I want to save data from Non sap system to sap directly. I mean we want to enter data in non sap system and it should be saved in sap directly. that is the attendance.

How can we do this.?



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"SAP" is too big, and the kinds of "SAP systems" - too many, to answer this kind of general question intelligibly with any kind of specificity :)

In general, you'd need to find on your "SAP" some kind of API or inbound interface for the kind of stuff you want to save...

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2 Answers

Simone Milesi Oct 26, 2016 at 07:29 AM

As Janis stated, your requirement is a bit too generic.

We can list for you all the possible methods but they are just possibilities.

You have to study your case and then choose the best fitting one for your scenario or the best fitting ones since it's more possible you need a mix of them to achieve the best result.

Here you can find a good blog with the most common tools.

At that list I would like to add OData (replacing the old SOA architecture based on WSDL that are still possible but....well, better forget them) for something realtime (instead of using RFC with a SAP Connector).

Again, try to google it, maybe adding the SAP release you have to connect: S/4 Hana could have a different toolset from a 4.6b release :)

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Former Member Oct 26, 2016 at 06:19 AM

Dear Janis,

I need only idea that how can we do this. Once I got ides then I will do it all things myself.



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If you believe you have the skillset to "do it all things" yourself then how come you don't have a single idea on this subject? I'm very much confused how could anyone who knows anything about how SAP works even post such generic question...