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How to filter cross tab by selecting bar graph in design studio 1.6


Please anybody tell me ....

HANA DB sp12 and design studio 1.6

I have bar graph and by clicking on bar graph ,Based on that bar of the garph input parameters it has to filter the Crosstab...

But its not filtering on Cross tab...At the same time list box selection also should apply on cross tab and filter on Cross if both conditions satisfy the cross tab will get exact value..

For example i have a list box country using datasource DS1.

so by selecting country from list box the graph is changing (DS2) accordingly.(showing out put year month, count-measure and materiel on bar graph)

So second scenario ....I have a cross tab -used DS3...

When I click on BAR garph based up on Graph bar selection the cross tab has to change and same time it has to filter based up list box selection which already has been selected.

so please help me on to achieve ...

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  • I know there are some syntax limitations with HANA SP12

    How about trying it with OpenDoc syntax?

  • Former Member Tammy Powlas

    Hi Tammy

    Only in one scenario the data is not filtering on crosstabs.

    if data is not there as per section filters.Means if i select Lumira side country(USA) ,Year(201710) and product(AB).

    If data is there based up on above section data is coming from HANA DB and showing in cross tab.

    If data is not there as per above selection in HANA DB ,Other than these selection remaining data is coming and showing in crosstab. In this scenario the data is not filtering properly as per below code...

    From Chart passing parameters product family and Year month

    And from listbox selection Country is passing.

    So can you please let me know any syntax or function is there to filter data as per above scenario.

    Tammy thanks for your help further on this.........

    123.jpg (31.5 kB)
  • Former Member Tammy Powlas

    from HANA DB we are using caluculation view as a data source in LUMIRA designer 2.0 ...

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