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Jun 23, 2008 at 09:47 PM

How best to integrate an applet and webdynpro


Hi all,

We have created a WebDynpro application which interacts with an applet used to view tiff files. At present this applet sits in an iFrame ui element within the WebDynpro view. The url for this iFrame is stored in the context and display a different tiff we just change the url from e.g. http://XXXXX/tiffViewer.html?docID=abcd to http://XXXXX/tiffViewer.html?docID=efgh.

This works fine except that each time you change the document the whole screen repaints and not just the iFrame. No data is lost but it just looks funny. The same thing happens when we have confirmationWindows popup i.e. the whole screen repaints.

Any suggestions on how we could better do this. I was thinking maybe using a url iView and using portal navigation from within the WebDynpro to change it...

Other suggestions?