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Former Member
Jun 23, 2008 at 06:14 PM

Loop at nested internal tables


Hi Experts,

I need to display PO items along with their Texts on Adobe form.

I have one internal table (say itab2) that holds all PO item texts and this is nested inside another

internal table (say itab1).

Itab1 has records for all the items along with Itab2 as a field as below:

10 material descrip1 10PCS POitem1 text1

POitem1 material1

POitem1 inforecordtext1

20 material descrip1 10PCS POitem2 text1

POitem2 material2

POitem2 inforecordtext1

(as above) I want to print a line item with all the PO text for THAT ITEM only at a time.

But While displaying the data on the form, the 1st line item is printed and this is followed by item texts

for all the OTHER line items also.

I there an option in adobe to loop at an itab (like in smartforms).


Harikumar Ganti