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How to get the Row that is Deselected.

Feb 13 at 10:38 AM


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i need help,

i have created a table with sap.ui.table API.

i am using "rowSelectionChange" event to trigger when ever the user selects the row in the table. and i will push the selected row data on to array. by getting its index using "oTable.getSelectedIndices".

but if i deselect the row. that same event return -1 to the even handler.

so please some one, suggest me the any event handler or any way to get the deselected

row index......

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2 Answers

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Jun Wu Feb 13 at 02:14 PM

rowIndex int

row index which has been clicked so that the selection has been changed (either selected or deselected)

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thank you for your response. i used the same.

Sagarika Gattu Feb 13 at 11:32 AM

Hello ,

Can you use sap.m.Table instead

<Table id="idProductsTable"
You can get the elements in controller using the below code
 onClick: function(evt){
var oSelectedItem = evt.getParameter("listItem");
var cells = oSelectedItem.getCells();
var Name = cells[0].getText();
var Emp = cells[1].getText();

In this you will not face any issues like deselect, let us know if you want to use sap.ui.table only.

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Yes, I have a clear instructions saying should use only sap.ui.table

the application is almost done but this is the last problem.

if i solve this. the application is finish.

if i get the index of deselected row. i just have to pop that from array. that's All,

please help me......


ok.. you can check the below link.

you can use the parameter rowIndex to get the index of selected or deselected.




You can use the below code, to get the index of the row selected.

onselect: function(evt){

var row = evt.getParameter("rowIndices");