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Sending sms from SAP ABAP usiing internal email server

Hello Experts,

I am trying to send sms from sap ,but it throws HTTP Response Status Code:502 Proxy Failure .

  1. there is no proxy server inside the network
  2. I am able to send sms using the browser from the same server
  3. if I use third party sms ,it sends sms,but not via internal email server
  4. tried with IP and hostname
  5. no internet connectivty for the DEV server since it sends the request only to on-premise email server
  6. We are able to ping the email server
  7. Outbound ports for smtp open in the fwindows firewall
  8. third party sms works but not internal email server
  9. when we use http using third party sms,it works,when we use https its not working

Pls advice

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1 Answer

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    Former Member
    Feb 13, 2018 at 09:52 AM

    to point 1)

    Did you check proxy settings in

    • Transaction SICF > Menu Client > Proxy Settings
    • Transaction SPRO > SAP NetWeaver > Application Server > Basis Services > Communication Interfaces > Proxy Configuration for HTTP Communication > Define Proxy Configuration
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    • Hi Tibor,

      Thanks for the reply..Since we dont have any proxy server,al fields related to proxy settings in SICF and SPRO are blank.Is it possible to send sms using https node or only we can send using http node.

      If i give the third party sms provider in sends SMS.

      If i use our internal email server which is on https it gets rejected

      SOST Trace

      13.02.201813:14:09SX ADDRESS TRANSLATEGAddress is initial 13.02.201813:14:09SX_SEND_DATAGStructure: SXRECINFI1 13.02.201813:14:09SX_SEND_DATAGStructure: SXEXTRECI1 13.02.201813:14:09SX_SEND_DATAGStructure: SXPCKLSTI1 13.02.201813:14:09SX_SEND_DATAGStructure: SXDOCCHGI1 13.02.201813:14:09SX_PERFORM_HTTPSENDGSAPconnect HTTP Outbound Processing Started. 13.02.201813:14:09SX_PERFORM_HTTPSENDGNumber of Recipients Received/Ignored 1 / 0 13.02.201813:14:09SX_URL_CREATEGURL: https// 13.02.201813:14:09SX_URL_CREATEG=%number%&data=%data%&sender=SONICB 13.02.201813:14:09SX_PERFORM_HTTPSENDGSAPconnect HTTP Outbound Processing Terminated 13.02.201813:14:09SX_PERFORM_RFCSENDGAfter call of function SX_PERFORM_HTTPSEND ReturnCode: 0 13.02.201813:14:09SX_PERFORM_RFCSENDGStructure: SXEXTRECI1 13.02.201813:14:09SX_PERFORM_RFCSENDGNo delivery to SMS:+919940177911 13.02.201813:14:09SO_SYNCHRON_STATUS_UPDATEGStart of synchronous Status Update 13.02.201813:14:09SO_SYNCHRON_STATUS_UPDATEGStatus for 001 X XSMS +919940177911 +919940177911 13.02.201813:14:09SO_SYNCHRON_STATUS_UPDATEG+919940177911 13.02.201813:14:09SO_SYNCHRON_STATUS_UPDATEGNo delivery to SMS:+919940177911 13.02.201813:14:09SO_SYNCHRON_STATUS_UPDATEGDeleted from Queue: RAW43000000000335 ADR43000000000157