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Webide confused after re-importing exported workspace

Feb 12 at 11:29 PM


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i encountered some problems after having uploaded and deleted csv files in a zip. The problem seems to have been that i uploaded the zip including the files, got an error message, thought it meant it really would not be able to extract the files, therefore deleted the created folders and then, when the extract process was finished (which seems to have been active in the background despite the errormessage) the folder was gone and the IDE was confused. Long story short: i went back to an old snapshot of my VM, and imported the .zip file i had exported from the webide which contains all the files i want.

now webide is also confused in the new state of the VM:

(Builder) Bad Gateway
(Builder) Build of /<Project>/db failed.
(Preferences) Could not save user preferences data. Reason: Request failed: Service Unavailable URI: /che/profile/prefs
(Features Management) Wea are sorry. We are currently unable to load features. Please try again later.

also when i try to refresh the project or even a folder in it i get

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2 Answers

Rima Sirich
Feb 13 at 09:15 AM

Hi Mike Beck

I would like to reproduce this error. Would it be possible to receive the exported zip file to my email ? Also, which Web IDE instance are you using ? I paid attention that your Web IDE urls contains /che. Are you using Web IDE for Hana ? If yes, which version ?

Thanks & Regards,


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good morning,

yes, it is the HANA webide on a HANA2 Express i am using.

The zip-file does contain a bit of client data - nothing too sensitive but i would anyway prefer not to email it.

would it help you just looking at things on my computer via teamviewer? otherwise contact me on so i can put it on an sFTP account.


reproducing the error seems to be even easier than expected:

i reverted to an old status of my VM and tried to add the files i had one by one.. everything went fine until i uploaded a zip-file containing three CSV-Files. a folder 'CSV' has been created (because the file had the name and i can even see the three filenames under it but the ide is broken again. somehow a 'prefs' directory seems to have been deleted. so can you have a look?


even closer to the error: i tried each of the three CSV-files that were in the zip separately. i can easily import the two smaller ones, but importing the big one (48MB, the zip-file is 3.7MB) creates:

Import failed because of following reason:
"Error: An unexpected error occurred while processing the archive content. The import operation could not be completed."

maybe not enough memory to handle the big file? would be acceptable if it would not magically lead to existing files going missing because directly after that i can get many messages like

Unable to open file 'mta.yaml': Request failed: Service Unavailable URI: /che/project/workspace9tcfmtkt5wqjqhh0/file/OPTNET/mta.yaml

Hi Mike Beck ,

Thank you for so detailed feedback!

You are absolutely right, you are not supposed to get to a "broken" state after importing a zip file. I asked for and got an installation of Web IDE on top of Hana2 Express. I tried to reproduce the error you got however without a success.

From the last comment I understand that you received an error:"An unexpected error occurred while processing the archive content. The import operation could not be completed." This is a generic error that the user receives when the import fails. However if you will look in the browser Developer tools -> Network -> request that looks like

/che/mta/<workspaceID>/import/<folder name> , check response. There you will find the real failure reason.

I also contacted you via email. Will be waiting for the details regarding the zip file that could help me to reproduce this issue.

Thanks & Regards,



just a follow-up: there seems to be a problem with the file itself. the other problem i posted about having trouble using a synonym is also _only_with this file (at that time imported to classic schema and accessed via synonym). so if you don't see something here, check out the other problem...

Mike Beck Feb 14 at 09:54 AM

just trying to open webide again. it is as "broke" as it was before i decided to return to the snapshot. so just importing the .zip was enough to get the problem. on opening the IDE i am greeted with a

Request failed: Bad Gateway URI: /che/project/workspace9tcfm..../mta_archives

i tried to find directories with 'che' on the server and found two such directories under /hana/share/HXE/xs/app_working/hxehost/executionroot/<long-id>/app/resources/watt/v1.673.0/resources/sap/watt/ideplatform/che/



in both directories though there is no "project"-directory but only

package-hcp.json, package.json, plugin and xs

when i click away the (recurring) messges on Bad Gateway the IDE stay stuck in loading.

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Hi Mike Beck

/hana/share/HXE/xs/app_working/hxehost/executionroot/<another-long-id>/app/resources/watt/resources/ folder contains Web IDE xs app source code.

/che/project/<workspaceID> is an API to communicate with another xs app that is Web IDE back-end. The url that starts with /che/project/workspace means that you perform an operation on a project located at workspace with <workspaceID>.