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Feb 12, 2018 at 10:55 PM

PI Object Movement via RevTrac - Object already present in change list


Hi Folks,

We're moving PI changes across our landscape (shown below) when we face some errors. I have some clarifications about the same.

DEV -> TEST -> UAT -> Performance -> Regression -> PROD

We move our transports individually upto UAT, even though they are under a single RevTrac. After that, the objects are moved on a per RevTrac basis. We get the following errors in transports that forces us to do file transport, which we want to avoid.

1. OOPS Errors for objects under the same SWCV - Even when different objects are being worked upon. Should we reduce the granularity in RevTrac?

2. Transports fail with manual activities like filling up a password or the URL in the channel. How do we control these errors?

3. From PT onwards, since all transports under a RevTrac are migrated together, we get the following error: 'RC - 12: Object already present in change list' - How can this be controlled?

4. Lastly, even when the transports are moved, the objects have not been moved, this occurs from PT onwards only and is irrespective of the transport status.

I know it's a boatload of queries, but we're really stuck with these issue. Any pointers would be good.