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QM - Usage Decision UD stock posting Unrestricted to Quality Insp.

Feb 12 at 09:27 PM


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Hi experts,

I have a query regarding SAP QM Usage decision step. At time of UD, under Inspection lot stock tab where we can make stock posting, is there a way to post stock back into Quality Inspection?

My scenario :

Default put all stock in to Unrestricted.

At the time of UD, post qty to block or returns as necessary but additionally we have a requirement to put stock into Quality inspection at time of UD.

I tried configuration IMG -> QM -> Quality Inspection -> Inspection Lot Completion -> Define Inventory posting

VMENGE08 other qty posting 322 (Unrestricted to QI)

At time of UD, it gives error "Goods movement not possible with mvmt type 322"

Have any of you run into similar situation? what is the best way to handle this scenario?

Thank you!


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2 Answers

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Yogini Thorat Feb 13 at 08:43 AM

Requirement is quiet weird but this may help

TCODE OMJJ -->322 MVT--> Allowed tcode for mvt type QA11.Please check id this setting is maintained

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Hi Yogini,

I tried above setting and it helped. Thank you! However, I am also looking to reverse UD at some point if required and change stock posting. Is that possible? After I reverse UD, the stock posting tab is still grayed out.

Yogini Thorat Feb 14 at 11:06 AM

Hello Keval,

To reverse stock posting in inspection lot u need to apply SAP Note 175842.

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Hi Yogini,

I was looking at the note you have suggested, it seems it proposes to create a Z-program and use that one to run for inspection lot if and when required. Our requirement is to open stock tab on inspection lot when UD is reversed so stock posting can be changed.

Also, the sap note says it should be used only for exceptional cases and not for standard procedure. Is it true?

Thank you again for taking time to respond.


Hello Keval,

Yes, u need to create z program as per note,inspection lot will be given as input and f8, it will reverse the previous stock posting from inspection lot. Inspection stock posting tab in QA12 will be open for new posting.