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SAP KNOA vs SOLMAN EEM. Which tool is best?

Feb 12 at 09:35 AM


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Dear Experts,

We are looking for User experience Monitoring.

We are using most of the monitoring solutions from Solution Manager like, System Monitoring, Job Monitoring etc.. Now, we would like to implement a solution for User experience Monitoring.

We also heard UEM tool called "SAP KNOA"

May I know pros and Cons of SAP KNOA and SolMan EEM tools. which once would be more efficient interns of monitoring and reporting?

Kindly advice.

Best Regards,


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2 Answers

Brooke Williams
Feb 28 at 07:09 PM

Hello Pradeep,

SAP SolMan EEM uses synthetic users to simulate transactions, for testing availability and performance.

SAP UEM by Knoa captures the real user experience, at the desktop, as they execute a business process in SAP.

SolMan EEM is great to use prior to roll-out to test the processes, while UEM provides data after roll-out to analyze and address actual user interactions.

Thank you,


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Invycktus_02 . Mar 02 at 03:17 PM

EEM is highly proactive and technical by nature. Used mostly to do mock go-lives amongst others, but is still a true extension of the Diagnostics Agents-- DAA concept. The Agent , per-se is being run on the actual server to proactively map out issues along with the agents being used to simulate end users. But the main logic lives within the DAA.

Knoa is literally run on a user's desktop to identify the user experience from the standpoint of a system user (starting with logging into Windows / OS and then GUI / other applications). Think ST03N on steroids being run on a user's desktop.

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