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Is there a smart way to trigger HCI/CPI DS interface jobs directly from the IBP user interface?

Feb 12 at 09:16 AM


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Hello SAP CPI Group,

One of our planners at customer site would like to trigger an ad-hoc release of forecast from IBP Demand to ERP using our CPI-DS (Cloud platform integration Data Services, formerly known as HCI) data transfer services.

As far my knowledge goes the CPI DS flows can be triggerd by scheuler or run once.

I have the following questions

Is there any way to trigger CPI DS adhoc?

Can we configure CPI Process Flow(CPI PS) to trigger CPI DS Flows?

Any pointers would be of great help.



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2 Answers

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Jeff Kresse
Feb 12 at 10:05 PM

Hi Siva,

There are three ways to run CPI DS tasks or processes:

  1. Run manually from within the CPI DS interface, using 'Run Now' from the Projects tab
  2. Scheduled using the CPI DS internal scheduler, maintained by an administrator in the CPI DS tenant
  3. Called at will using CPI DS web services. This is how IBP jobs invoke CPI DS data flows.

Regarding the capabilities of CPI PS, I haven't seen anybody start CPI DS tasks that way, but it would have to rely on web services as well if it was possible.

Best regards,
Jeff K

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Thanks Jeff,Its good to know 3rd option.

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Former Member Mar 18 at 04:13 PM

Hi Siva,

There's a fourth option which is to trigger the tasks using a Web Service SOAP (actually this is what the IBP does un the 3rd option). I've only tested ir using SOAP UI and it worked.

You can get the .wsdl on http://<hci_url>/DSoD/webservices?wsdl

There's More information on


R. Ostuni

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