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An instance of service is already running while restarting SIA in SAP BO 4.0?

Feb 12 at 08:44 AM


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I am facing issue while copying data from one folder to another folder from CMC. I gett error as "Unexpected error:server may be down or server may fall(FWM01003)". But i can login into CMC and launchpad. I checked with event log also i got one error related to SIA there.


Please help me out to get out this.

event-log.png (14.4 kB)
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2 Answers

Shreejith Nair Feb 12 at 02:23 PM

Hi Harsh,

Will require more information on the issue like

O.:S version : ?

Standalone or cluster environment:?

Is the issue with all reports:?

Are you copying the reports with the Admin user or any other user?

Is the Filestore on share drive:?

Since when are you facing the issue:?



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Hi Shreejith,

OS version:- Windows Version 2008 R2 Enterprise(64GB), 7GB RAM

Cluster environment

Yes issue is with all reports.

Yes i am copying the reports with admin rights.

all is good until two days back.




7gb RAM is way below absolute minimum for BI4.x.
Minimum required is 32gb RAM.


yes, Thanks

Denis Konovalov
Feb 12 at 03:09 PM

Your title describes issue #1
Your question text describes issue #2
Your screenshot shows issue #3

All 3 issues are different and while #1 and #3 might be related the #2 is not.

So, which issue are you seeking answers for ?

What research or investigation have you done so far ?

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Hi Denis,

1st-> mainly i am facing issue of copying reports from one folder to another. I got error as "

  • An unexpected error has occurred. The exception thrown was: Server not found or server may be down (FWM 01003)

". SIA , CMC, Db all are running perfectly. Note: (I am not facing any issue while login into CMC or BI launchpad.)

2nd-> When i tried to solve this problem i got one solution that restart your SIA server. I tried to restart it but while restarting i got error as "Another instance is already running".

3rd-> I found some logs also related to SIA in event viewer of Windows. Attached screenshot reflects me.




you should run and end to end trace of the problem workflow. see KBA 1861180. Then you can analyze the logs and see why it is failing.
The issue with SIA restart is not related to content copy, but relates to your server. Most likely your server is not sized properly and/or has very intrusive anti-virus or other monitoring software or your server is very busy.
When you restart SIA not all BOE processes are able to stop, so when SIA starts - there are remaining ones from previous runs.

The event viewer message is just telling you that SIA startup had some issues with bootstrap file and will use its backup next time.

If you're using BI 4.0 - that is extremely old and busted. You should be on BI4.2.


Thanks Dennis. We are using 4.0,4.1,4.2 all withe each setup on different machine. For some reports, we need 4.0, that's why we are using.

Your response is valuable to me.

Thanks for help.


a. Your server is not sized properly. this is where all your issues start.

b. Any 4.0 report will run on 4.2
c. Do the trace.


Yes, Thanks